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08 Apr 11 Ottawa Trucks – Manufacturers of Yard Tractor Trucks

Ottawa trucks were a leading builder of yard trucks. They built many yard spotter trucks and terminal tractor trucks. In the year 1958, this company was acquired by the Kalmar Co., which was the first auto company to introduce the terminal tractor in America. Even after the company was acquired by Kalmar, they still continued to produce Ottawa truck models like the 4×2 and 6×4 trucks.

The Ottawa 4×2 is a yard tractor model built for off road use. This truck is powered by the diesel Tier 3 Cummins QSB6.7 which delivers 160 horsepower at 2200 rpm and a torque of 540 pounds feet at 1500 rpm. This truck has an air ride cab which has a mount 3 point suspension. This truck has a wheel base of 110 inches and an L frame shaped reinforcement.

These Ottawa trucks also have a Holland FW-3500 fifth wheel which has a plate rating of 70,000 pounds. Ottawa trucks is also supplied with hydraulic 5 inch lift cylinders. Both the rear and front wheels have the ‘S’ Cam air actuated type brake and also have slack adjusters which are operated manually.

The interior cab features of the Ottawa 4×2 truck include a raised roof, a two point mount seat belt as well as tinted glass windows. The cab is also insulated to provide better thermal protection as well as noise abatement. Access to the cab is via a welded steel door and through a sliding aluminum rear door. This truck also has a tilted cab, with a 90 degree tilt capability.

The 6×4 is the other Ottawa truck which is still produced by Kalmar. The standard specifications of this truck have also been certified to meet the EPA/ DOT regulations. This truck is powered by a diesel Cummins ISB engine which delivers 200 horsepower and a torque of 520 pounds feet at 1600 rpm, paired with the Allison 3000RDS 4 speed transmission.

The front axle of this truck weighs 12,000 pounds, while the weight of the rear axle of this truck is 48,000 pounds. These Ottawa trucks have a wheel base of 146 inches with an ‘L’ shaped reinforcement. This truck also has fifth wheel 5 inch diameter lift cylinders with a rating of 60,000 pounds.

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01 Apr 11 PACCAR Brands Predict Heavy Growth in Truck Sales

Both subsidiaries of PACCAR Corp. are expecting strong sales, predicting growth in the heavy duty to medium duty truck segment, compared to last year. As a result they are also ramping up their factory production so that it can meet the demand faced in the market.

The general manager of Kenworth Company, one of the subsidiaries of PACCAR, Bill Kozek, had told a leading online truck publication during the Mid-America Trucking Show, that he thought the total sales of the Class 8 trucks in the industry will exceed by 200,000 units in 2011, which is a big jump from the 125,000 units which were sold last year, as a cautious optimism among fleet buyers, causing them to replace older vehicles.

He said, that the age for trucking fleets of over the road vehicles are the highest they have ever been; moreover the maintenance cost for running them keeps on climbing. The economy looks good, which has added to their optimism, in spite of growing concerns caused by rising fuel costs. It is only a matter of when they decide to go for new trucks.

Kozek also noted that Kenworth had only recently added a new second shift to their Chillicothe, Ohio manufacturing site. Meanwhile, the other subsidiary, Peterbilt’s general manager, Bill Jackson, said that the rising fuel prices offered great opportunities for OEM’s in convincing their customers in investing in the new trucks which are more aerodynamic for significantly greater fuel efficiency, compared to the units now operated by them.

He said that it was evident that shifting dynamics which are seen today in market, like the increasing freight volumes in combination with tighter capacity, will help support growth in the sales of new trucks. He also added that it was exciting to be back again in the growing phase after facing many challenging years.

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25 Mar 11 HME Trucks – Single Sourced, Custom Manufacturers of Trucks

During the inception of the company HME in the year 1913, they were the first company to build clean and green vehicles for emergency response in America. The company was founded by Hendrickson who was quite the innovator during his time. He began producing custom built trucks for use in specialized operations like heavy delivery, roofer’s hoists, scavenger bodies as well as stone cranes.

In fact, Hendrickson first developed as well as marketed the first suspension tandem axle, which became a huge deal back in the day. HME trucks were also the first manufacturer to install the diesel engine into their truck. By the 1930s, the company had built their first line up of fire apparatus. They were also the first to develop as well as market the first custom pumper tilt cab chassis during the 1980′s.

HME trucks is today one of the oldest truck companies, who also happen to have a lot of the features you see in trucks credited to their name. The Hendrickson Motor Truck Company later on changed their name to the current Hendrickson Mobile Equipment, in a bid to reflect the different products that they had to offer.

Some of the trucks which were produced included, crane carriers, over the road trucks, split power take-off shafts, wheels which were cast spoke as well as tandem suspensions. They also built a huge rig for transporting 500,000 pounds of transformers to their hydroelectric plant in Canada. These only proved the manufacturing as well as engineering expertise that HME had to offer.

By 1980, HMW introduced the tilt cab, cab over in the fire truck segment, which was custom designed. To further enhance the maneuverability, HME led the trucking industry by introducing the standard front axle 45 degree cramp angle. Currently, HME is based in Wyoming in Michigan and has more than 140 employees who work in their five year old contemporary state of the art, plant which is spread over 150,000 sq ft.

They currently produce Class 8 over the road truck chassis, fire apparatus as well as special units of mobile equipment, like the chassis of drill rigs and HD prime movers. These vehicles are produced by their frame rails entering through one end of the facility, while the finished units come out from the other end of the facility.

Under a single roof, HME trucks brings together the systems, chassis, body and pump engineering to manufacture rigs which are single sourced from the beginning to the end. They are the largest producers of single sourced stainless steel, custom fire apparatus the world over.

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18 Mar 11 Navistar Introduces New 4×4 TerraStar; Expands NG Line-up

Navistar International recently introduced their new 4×4 TerraStar truck as well as a full range of vehicles running on alternative fuel this at the NTEA Work Truck Show. This truck will broaden International’s applicability of recent offerings of trucks. This truck made its first debut at the same show last year as a 4×2 truck. Since the launch of this truck, Navistar said that they received orders for 2,000 more trucks belonging to Class 4/5.

The senior VP of the sales operation of Navistar’s North American division, Jim Hebe, said that with the addition of the 4×4 truck, the Navistar TerraStar will be unmatched in this industry. The durability and design of TerraStar has been influenced by the company’s entire commercial truck line up, and shares a similar hardworking, durable and rugged DNA, which has made them an industry leader.

The company also highlighted their range of vehicles powered by alternative fuels which include the Class 2-3c all electric eStar. This eStar is given a range of a 100 miles/ charge and takes around 6 to 8 hours to be recharged. It also has a payload capacity of 2 tons and does not release any emissions from the tail pipe. On a heavier side, the company has offered the hybrid International DuraStar truck which according to them saves fuel by almost 60 per cent during utility applications.

Navistar has also said that they would be increasing their line up of trucks powered by natural gas and also featured their natural gas fueled WorkStar truck at the NTEA show. This truck is powered by the natural gas DT-466 engine which has the capability to run on either compressed or liquefied natural gas. Hebe also said, that International would soon be offering natural gas compatible trucks for their entire line up.

He also said that, they aren’t just going to get the industry standard NG engine and put it into their product. They are looking at developing the technology for their entire line up, which includes the DT and the MaxxForce 13 and 11 in the LNG and CNG and that too in dual as well as single fuel capability, offering their customers a range of NG products right from the MaxxForce 13 to the MaxxForce DT.

NG fuel is already available in the International DualStar and WorkStar trucks which are powered by DT engines, and by the end of the year, they will also be available in the MaxxForce 10s and 9s according to Hebe.

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11 Mar 11 Caterpillar Trucks – The Number One Ranked Co. in this Industry

The Caterpillar Company began in the year 1925 as the Caterpillar Tractor Co. however they first began manufacturing steam tractors about 35 years ago. Caterpillar trucks began with the aim of having first class manufacturing and engineering operations, with a commitment to innovation, customer value as well as quality.

Today the company is one of the largest manufacturers of mining and construction equipment, as well as industrial gas turbines, natural gas and diesel engines in the world.  Because of its billion dollar assets, the company is also ranked at number one in this industry and at number 44 in Fortune 500 overall list of 2009.

By the year 1986, the company had re-organized itself under its present name of Caterpillar Inc. as a corporation of Delaware. With its ‘Caterpillar Yellow’ trademark livery as well as its ‘CAT’ logo. Through its dealer networks, the company has around 400 products available for purchase today which diverges into three different categories that includes engines, machines and financial products.

The list of the company’s machinery products includes tracked tractors, backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, off highway trucks, motor graders, wheel loaders, locomotives and agricultural tractors. Caterpillar trucks and machinery are used in many operations like road building, construction, forestry, mining, energy, material handling as well as in transportation industries. Caterpillar is in fact the largest manufacturer of wheel loader trucks in the world.

Caterpillar also manufacturers many defense products and many large fleets of their military trucks are used both in the U.K. and U.S. military. While the company also has its own line up of semi truck and other vehicles to offer, they also manufacturer natural gas and diesel engines to be used in other manufacturer trucks.

For the year 2011, the company will also have a new line up of their vocational trucks to be used for on highway purposes. Before their engineers could begin designing these trucks, they asked customers of vocational trucks about what they needed in their trucks. They then focused on making taking this input from customers and making it into a reality.

The new vocational trucks will be available from the middle of this year. These Caterpillar trucks will be able to handle a host of demanding applications that are required from work trucks. They will be able to move rock, haul trash, deliver concrete, pump water as well as transport harvested logs to their very own heavy equipment.

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04 Mar 11 General Motors Witnesses 49% Growth in Feb 2011 Sales

The sales figures for the month of February are out, and General Motors has done it again. They have now managed to top the list twice in a row this year and look keen at keeping this record. After strong sales in the month of January, General Motors has again repeated its excellent sales performance by reporting a gain of 49 per cent over for February months.

According to the company, they witnessed strong sales across all their different brands, and have had gains across all segments which also include the truck and crossover vehicles. Across their brands, the Buick was the highest gainer, having a sales increase of 73 per cent compared to the last year’s sales figures. Out of this, the Regal from Buick was their hottest seller, selling 3,541 vehicles in February alone.

Behind the Buick was the Cadillac brand bringing in increased sales by 70 per cent. Their new CTS Coupe also helped to bolster the sales, which had an increase of 159 per cent over that of last year. Apart from these, the company also reported strong sales of the Escalade and SRX models, which were up by 27 per cent and 67 per cent, respectively.

The GMC, another popular truck manufacturer of this company saw a 59 per cent respectable growth, and this will mark the brands, 17 consecutive sales gains year over year. GMC has proved to be one of the company’s most successful brands. The sales of Yukon were up by a whopping 123 per cent, while that of the Sierra and Terrain were up by 85.8 per cent and 89.8 per cent, respectively.

Meanwhile, the high sales figures were rounded up by the company’s Chevrolet brand which had an increase of 43 per cent. In the company’s last month sales figures also, the Chevrolet brand had been instrumental, in bringing the company to the fore of the results. The sales of Equinox increased by 91.5 per cent; however that of the Camaro were down by 3.7 per cent for some reason.

The General Motors’ Chevrolet managed to deliver another volt after it brought up its total number of vehicles sold to 602 more units.

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01 Mar 11 Sterling Truck- A Good Used Medium Duty Truck Option

A producer of heavy duty trucks, the Sterling Truck Co. was a Daimler Trucks subsidiary of the North America division located in Oregon. Sterling was a part of the heavy duty truck division of Ford, but was however acquired and rebranded in the year 1997. In the year 2008, however, the company was discontinued so as to consolidate the Daimler’s operations under Western Star and the Freightliner brands.

The Sterling Acterra was a P&D to box truck which operated within the ranges of Class 5 to Class 8. This Sterling Truck handled like that of a pick up truck; however it had solid work truck strength. The cab of the truck which was of steel had the same durability and strength as that of the L-Line.

The Sterling Acterra was a medium duty truck which was a driver favorite because of its visibility, cab room and power. It was also quite easy to enter and exit as well as great to drive. This Sterling Truck had a BBC of 106 inches and a wheel cut of 55 degree. It also had an automatic transmission which was standard, a sloped hood as well as a large windshield.

The Sterling Acterra made use of technology from Mercedes-Benz and Cummins to help it save cost on fuel economy. This truck also had an array of suspension and frame choices to choose from as well as many fuel tank options. The Cummins ISB 300 engine had a horsepower of 300.

The Sterling LT9513 was also available across a number of Classes that ranged from a dump truck option to that of a semi trailer truck. The dump truck had an aluminum box, with the length of the truck being 16 feet. It was powered by a C13 Caterpillar engine which delivered a horsepower of 430.

The Sterling LT9513 dump truck had an automatic transmission and a suspension from Hendrickson. It also had an air conditioner, an AM/ FM player and an electronically operated tarp. The Sterling LT9513 semi trailer meanwhile had an MBE4000 Mercedes engine with a horsepower of 460 which was very fuel efficient. It also had a 10 speed overdrive and full locking rears.

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18 Feb 11 Cat Announces Dealer Network Prepared to Support its Vocational Truck

The Caterpillar truck manufacturing company recently announced that its dealer network of North America are ready to support as well as service the new vocational truck by the company which will be launched in spring this year. The Cat CT660 is a Class 8 vocational truck.

It will be launched at the ConAgg/Conexpo trade show to be held in March. The company has said that they have a network of 54 US as well as Canadian dealerships which also includes 400 of their service locations as well as their 2,300 service bays that have been made ready to service and support their new truck.

The preparations that are underway include an intensive training so as to prepare their networks for a bumper to bumper support to offer the Caterpillar Company’s latest truck. George Taylor, who has been leading the development for the CT660 truck said that their company as well as its dealers have an extensive experience when it comes to supporting the on-highway customers because of their company’s history of more than 40 years in the truck industry especially power train.

The Caterpillar dealers are quite excited for the new Caterpillar trucks and are thrilled to bring them to their customers. Their dealers are also very dedicated to expand their sales, ramp their facilities and expand their capabilities of service support so as to meet the needs of their truck customers. The manager of dealer development and strategy, Ed Cullen, said that their customers can easily count on the incomparable product support offered for the Caterpillar CT660.

This includes the service support offered at dealer facilities as well as on field by Caterpillar, the 24/7 Call Center of the Caterpillar Company and the mobile dealer service teams. It also means an expert consulting assistance by their dealers for options of truck specs, so that their customers know exactly what to order for in their trucks according to their specific work environment and job applications.

The VP for power systems at the Toromont Canadian chain, which has 26 locations in Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland and Nunavut said that his locations have been prepared for the new Caterpillar truck.

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